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New features in

ID What's new
4254 End-to-end encryption can now use GCM mode, which is known to ensure high performance.
7117 For any message you receive, you now have the option to start an individual call with the message sender. For that, tap the message you need, and tap the call action icon
21051 When a user presses the PTT button, T.Flex Android now shares location information with the server, unless this is disabled by the administrator.
21756 When you receive and send files as attachments in a chat, you can now share these files directly from chat view.
21836 T.Flex Android now supports the user profile defined in T.Commander.
22254 Support for the Hytera PNC380S radio has been added.
22467 Related to 21051: after an emergency has been initiated, user coordinates are transmitted from the device every 10 seconds automatically.