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To help you control what happens if there is activity in the PTT channel while you are in a GSM call, the following options have been added: On GSM call disable Event sound and On GSM call disable User's voice. They let you automatically mute event sounds and PTT audio, respectively, during a GSM call. Previously, event sounds and PTT audio were always heard on top of the GSM call audio.
21687 The app now supports Mapbox as an alternative map engine on devices running Android 5.0 and later. Whether Mapbox is available depends on TASSTA administrative settings; the administrator must configure the Mapbox access token to provide the map functionality to clients.
The Mapbox API offers a richer feature set compared to the existing OpenStreetMap-based engine – you can manipulate the compass, follow specific users, switch to night mode, use a grid and create routes from point to point.
10635 A connection quality and network delay meter has been added. It is available as a triangular icon on the PTT screen and on the Network Usage screen. Tap the icon to get a popup that rates the quality of the connection to the TASSTA server and shows the estimated network delay.
N/A New video-related configuration options have been added: Front camera by default and Front camera avoid mirroring (to ensure the video is not flipped horizontally but transmitted as-is). These settings are available for each activity that involves video transmission.
23996 This release includes an early implementation of the face recognition front-end, which can be useful to law enforcement agencies, military organizations and other personnel requiring in-the-field identification of people.
The actual face recognition is powered by IntellQ and initiated on the T.Rodon side. To request face recognition, start a chat with the T.Rodon operator and tap the face recognition icon in the top bar to take a snapshot on the spot or upload a saved image. The automated reply from the operator will contain the results of the recognition process.