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Enhancements in 5.5.24

ID What got better
16463 Redundant status bar warnings have been removed from the Lone Worker Protection settings screen.
16816 The Sensor Check UI has been revised for a more consistent look.
17134 The emergency notification screen has been redesigned to be more informative and have a better layout.
22946 There is now a way to receive emergency calls only from users in the same channel but not from users in other channels. This behavior is enabled by the Receive emergencies from the current channel only configuration field in T.Commander.
23004 The user's zone selection is now persistent and does not become reset between login sessions.
23007 When a user changes zones and the list of available channels is refreshed, the preferred sorting order is now applied to it, and moving up and down the channel list works intuitively.
23121 In the group list, group names are now shown in their original case instead of all-uppercase. Note that the sorting order in the list remains lexicographic; so, for example, the uppercase "Z" comes before the lowercase "a".