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Enhancements in

ID What got better
7175 When user markers are close together in the map, it is now easier to view and select the individual users. For each clump of markers, the users in that clump are shown in a convenient way: either as a set of callouts around it or as a list.
11165 For features that are not currently in use, no network traffic is generated anymore.
20722 T.Flex Android video transmission features are now fully compatible with the Force TCP option.
22098 If an emergency occurs when a user is outside the range of beacons and access points, the last known indoor and GPS locations are sent with the emergency event.
22129 For recordings that have no data and cannot be played, History doesn’t show the download and play controls anymore.
22325 Access control rules for channels have been improved to allow direct calls to users from channels that those users cannot access.