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Enhancements in

ID What got better
22648 If you minimize the app or turn off the screen in the middle of an emergency video call, the call continues in the background now. When you maximize the app again, the video comes back up. Previously, the emergency video call stopped in this situation.
23611 The app now consistently reports the device's position to the server. The coordinates from the calibrated indoor environments are transmitted as long as they are available, and GPS coordinates otherwise. Previously, different types of coordinates could be reported in different contexts (such as emergencies and guard tours), causing marker position mismatches on the map.
23886 The behavior of Aina devices during a full-duplex call has been changed: the Aina PTT button is ignored, and the on-screen Mute Speaker and Mute Microphone buttons affect the Aina device.
23911 More state indication icons have been added for the floating widget.
24004 When you start an emergency, the emergency screen now blinks, swapping the background and foreground colors every two seconds.
24075 On the Inrico TM-7Plus device, the P1 and P2 buttons have been remapped to Chat and Map, respectively.