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Working with non-screen devices from Telo Systems

TE300 and TE300K handsets do not have a touchscreen, so you need to use a computer to set them up.

Connecting your device

  1. Download and install a remote control application, such as Vysor or Android Remote Displayer and Controller (ARDC).
  2. Turn on a handset and connect it to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. Launch the remote control application and select the connected device.

You can now view and control the standard Android interface of the handset from your computer screen.


When connecting to TE300K, press volume up, volume down and custom keys on the device at the same time to return to Android launcher interface.

Logging in with a configuration file

T.Flex can use connection settings (server address, port and credentials) from a configuration file to automatically sign in as a specific user. The file is generated with T.Commander.

Refer to T.Flex User's Guide to learn how to apply the configuration file to your device.