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Starting with version, T.Flex works on almost any Android-based smartphone with Android 5.0 "Lollipop" and above. To request a version which supports Android 4, contact us.

However, the correct handling of specialized hardware controls, such as PTT / SOS buttons, channel knob, and other custom input is only guaranteed for devices listed below:

Manufacturer Device Model Android version
Boxchip S700A S700A 6.0
Boxchip S900A Plus S900A+ 9
Caltta Technologies eChat PoC Radio e360 e360 6.0.1
CAT S42 H+ S42 H+ 10
CONQUEST S21 S21 5G 11
Cyrus Technology CS22 XA CS22XA_EEA 9.0
ECOM Smart-Ex 01 Smart-Ex01 4.4.2
ECOM Smart-Ex 02 Smart-Ex02-ROW 11
Entel DN495 DN495 Custom
Estalky E966P E966P 8.1
eTera E880 E880 7.0
eTera E980 E980 7.0
Hytera PNC370 PNC370 5.1.1
Hytera PNC380 PNC380 7.1.2
Hytera PNC550 * PNC550 8.1
Inrico T196 T196 6.0
Inrico T320 T320 7.0
Inrico T520 T520 7.0
Inrico T522A T522A 8.1
Inrico T620 T620 7.0
Inrico T640A T640A 8.1
Inrico TM-7 Plus TM-7PLUS 7.0
i.safe MOBILE IS520.1 IS520.1 7.1.2
Kirisun M50 M50 5.0.1
Kirisun T60 T60 7.0
Kyocera DuraForce E6560 E6560 5.1.1
Kyocera Torque KC-S701 KC-S701 4.4.2
Motorola Evolve HK2157A 10
Nokia XR20 XR20 11
RugGear RG530 * RG530 9
RugGear RG725 RG725 8.1
RugGear RG760 RG760 7.1.2
Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s * SM-G398FN 11
Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 * SM-G525F 11
Samsung Galaxy XCover Field Pro * SM-G715U1, SM-G889YB 10
Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro * SM-G715FN 11
Siyata Mobile SD7 SD7 9.0
Siyata Mobile Uniden UR5 UR5 8.1
Siyata Mobile Uniden UR7 UR7_ROW 7.1.1
Siyata Mobile Uniden UV350 UV350 7.1.2
Sonim XP3 XP3800 8.1
Sonim XP3 Plus XP3900 11
Sonim XP5 XP5700 4.4.2
Sonim XP5s XP5800 7.1.2
Sonim XP7 XP7700 5.1.1
Sonim XP8 XP8800 10
Talkpod N59A N59A 9
Telo Systems M5 TELO_M5 7.0
Telo Systems M6 TELOX_M6 10
Telo Systems TE300 * TE300 6.0.1
Telo Systems TE300K * TE300K 6.0.1
Telo Systems TE390 TE390 6.0.1
Telo Systems TE580 TE580 5.1
Telo Systems TE590 TE590 6.0
Telo Systems TE590 Plus TE590Plus 10
TOKIE TK1000 TK1000 5.1
TYT Electronics IP-77 IP-77 5.1.1
TYT Electronics IP-88 IP-88 9
Ulefone Armor X5 X5 10
Ulefone Armor X8 X8 10
Zello F25 F25 7.1.1