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This list covers various multi-purpose Bluetooth devices, remote speaker microphones, and other specialized accessories that have been tested for compatibility with T.Flex.


Manufacturer Device Model
AINA PTT Smart Button
AINA Wireless PTT Voice Responder APTT3021DF, APTT302936
BlueParrott Bluetooth headset B350-XT
BlueParrott Bluetooth headset B450-XT
BlueParrott Bluetooth headset B550-XT
BlueParrott Bluetooth headset C300-XT
BlueParrott Bluetooth headset C400-XT
Earphone Connection Interceptor Bluetooth Speaker Microphone BH4
Wandfu Dellking H2 PTT Dellking H2 PTT
Wandfu H3-B Bluetooth PTT Speaker Microphone H3-B RoHS
Rexon Bluetooth Speaker Microphone BT-1557
RugGear RG RSM 1 Remote Speaker Microphone RG RSM 1 BT
Savox Promate Bluetooth Headset BTH-101
Savox Promate BT Com K50924-10
Savox PTT Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone BTR-155
Siyata Mobile Uniden Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic for PTT Phones SIYATA-BT-RSM
Stone Mountain BluSkye RSM


Manufacturer Device Model
ECOM RSM-Ex 01 RSM-Ex 01
eTera Handheld Microphone for PMMN4021 PT-PMMN4021
Imtradex Aurelis Aurelis
Klein Electronics ValorĀ® Remote Speaker Microphone * VALOR
Komunica Power Micro-earphone x MOTOROLA GP-344 / GP-388 PWR-PRO-GP344
Mototola D-Style Earpiece with Mic/PTT (GP328+ Professional Radios) PMLN5002A
Mototola RM250 Remote Speaker Microphone PMMN4125A
Savox Promate RSM-30 * RSM-30
Savox Promate RWE-102 Headset RWE-102
Stone Mountain Phoenix Remote Speaker Microphone * Phoenix LMR RSM

Bluetooth beacons

Manufacturer Device Model
ECOM Loc-Ex 01 Beacon Loc-Ex 01