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Feature comparison

T.Flex is the TASSTA communications platform client, designed for portable touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets. It works over LAN, Wi-Fi, and any mobile network, like 3G or LTE.

T.Flex provides the full functionality of a professional two-way radio system, and extends it with powerful features: text and data exchange, positioning and navigation, activity history, lone worker protection, remote control, and many others.

T.Flex for Android comes in two editions:

  • T.Flex Smart: full featured client with all functionality.
  • T.Flex PTT: lightweight client with a focus on communication.

This document provides a feature comparison matrix for the various T.Flex editions to aid you in choosing the most suitable solution for your needs.


FeatureT.Flex PTTT.Flex Smart
Conference callsYesYes
Channel groups (zones)YesYes
Direct individual callsYesYes
Emergency callsYesYes
Group callsYesYes
Individual callsYesYes
Listen several channels at onceYesYes
Broadcast callsNoYes
Callback requests (call queue)NoYes
Communication bridging via SMS and email messages (MCGW)NoYes
Full-duplex callsNoYes
Video callsNoYes

Map and navigation

FeatureT.Flex PTTT.Flex Smart
Geolocation sharingYesYes
Guard toursNoYes
Indoor localizationNoYes


FeatureT.Flex PTTT.Flex Smart
Activity historyYesYes
Call recordingYesYes
Device status sharing (signal level, remaining charge, and so on)YesYes
Remote control - audioSharing onlySharing and monitoring
Remote control - photoSharing onlySharing and monitoring
Remote control - videoNoSharing and monitoring

Advanced features

FeatureT.Flex PTTT.Flex Smart
Locking user to the deviceYesYes
End-to-end encryptionNoYes
Lone worker protectionNoYes
Task ManagerNoYes

User interface

FeatureT.Flex PTTT.Flex Smart
Emergency call countdownYesYes
Hiding offline usersYesYes
Increasing sound volume to maximum when an emergency call is initiated or receivedYesYes
Mute buttonYesYes
Notification sound on lost connectionYesYes
Settings self-managementYesYes
Automatic redirection to home screen after selecting a channelNoYes
Cancellation of emergency callsNoYes
Customizable behavior of on-screen PTT button (toggle / press-and-hold)NoYes
Disabling notification sound when a user initiates an emergencyNoYes
Logout passwordNoYes
Release emergency callNoYes
Shortcut view modeNoYes
Showing features availabilityNoYes