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New features in

ID What's new
23557 Added channel-specific communication bridging (MCGW) settings:
  • SMS - phone number for receiving messages from the channel as SMS;
  • Email - email address for receiving messages from the channel.
25293 Support for secure connection (SSL / TLS) to the mail server in MCGW settings.
TSD-4375 (25414) New message history settings:
  • Message history capacity - the maximum number of message history entries to be shown to the user;
  • Message history retention - how far back in time the message history is shown to the user.
25463 New user setting - Missed call notification. Sets the the duration of a missed call notification.
25552 New user setting - Favorite PTT view. Enables or disables Favorite PTT screen in T.Rodon.
25085 Deprecation: NFC Mandown is removed from lone worker settings.