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Enhancements in

ID What got better
The Alias column has been added to the list in the Users tab.
22395 Allow add 'deny enter' rule when schedule is active
22407 Rules: add new enable / disable button and icon for apply_sub rule flag
22573 The Device IMEI and Lock IMEI options have been renamed to Device ID and Lock ID respectively. The new names are more in line with mobile client development best practices.
22395 You can now apply an ACL rule that restricts users' access to a channel even if the rule has a schedule. Previously, an existing schedule prevented you from restricting channel access. This was by design so that overlapping schedules could never lock users out of all channels at once. That is still the default behavior, but you can override it by specifying the following in the /usr/local/tassta/tc/bin/conf file:

Note that you should not change the default behavior unless you know exactly what you are doing.