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Generating QR code

The users can sign in to T.Flex with QR codes as an alternative to providing login and password. To generate QR codes for users:

  1. Expand the server in the left pane and click Users.

  2. Select one or more users from the list.

  3. Click Generate QR Code icon in the toolbar.

  4. Provide a new password for users. This password replaces the existing user's password.
    Note: Password complexity requirements are defined by T.Lion server policies.

    • To set a common password for all selected users, select The same password and type in the password in New password field.

    • To auto-generate passwords, select Use template . This option is only available when you select multiple users.

      1. Specify the starting index to be used for auto-generated passwords in Start from field. This number is incremented by 1 for each user.
      2. Prefix string is prepended to auto-generated passwords based on Start from field.
      3. Postfix string is appended to auto-generated password based on Start from field.
    • Select Use unique and type in an individual password for every user.
      This option is only available when you select multiple users.

  5. Click OK.

  6. T.Commander generates QR codes for each selected user. To save all QR codes locally, click Save in Generated QR codes popup.

  7. Choose whether you want to save all codes as a single PDF file (All QR codes in one file) or as a ZIP archive with individual PDF files for each user (Each QR code as a separate file).

  8. In addition to QR codes in PDF format, you can save configuration files with connection parameters. These files can be imported to end-user devices, allowing them to automatically sign in without setting up a connection or providing access credentials. This can be very useful for devices without a screen or camera.
    To save configuration files along with QR codes, select Include configuration files with connection parameters option.
    Note: A separate configuration file is created for each user, even if you save all QR codes as one file. The files are named \.usr.

If the user's password does not meet the policy, a broken QR code is generated:
Broken QR
You should generate a new code for that user.

  • If you update QR code, the user is immediately disconnected from the server. Only do it during non-working hours!
  • If you change the login or password, the existing QR code is deactivated and cannot be used for signing in. You should generate a new code after that.