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Miscellaneous user settings.

  • Comment
    Provide a verbose description for the user.

  • Last channel
    Name of the last channel the user has accessed. This is a read-only field for information purposes.

  • Network usage
    Allow the user to access network usage statistics in T.Flex.

  • Show features
    Allow the user to check features availability in T.Flex.

  • Self-manage settings
    Allow the user to self-manage T.Flex settings:

    • Allowed all: Allow changing all settings.
    • Allowed to change credentials only: Allow changing login and password.
    • Forbidden to change settings: Prevent the user from changing settings.
  • Flex home screen
    T.Flex automatically switches to the selected screen after the user signs in.

    • PTT screen - full-screen push-to-talk button.
    • Shortcut view - My TASSTA view. Selecting this option automatically enables Shortcut view.
    • User list - the list of users.
    • Group list - the list of channels.
    • Map - map view.
      Important: Map must be enabled in server settings and allowed for the user. Otherwise, the user will be automatically redirected to PTT screen.
  • Shortcut view
    Enable My TASSTA view in T.Flex.

  • Home screen on channel selection
    Automatically redirect the user to home screen after selecting a channel.

  • Use Apple Push Notification Service
    Send push notifications from T.Lion server to T.Flex iOS through Apple.

  • Sound scheme
    Set the sound scheme for client applications.

  • Text-to-speech
    Enable text-to-speech conversion in T.Flex. Text-to-speech service must be enabled and configured on the user's device.

  • Connection quality
    Show the connection quality indicator in T.Flex.

  • Share detailed app statistics
    Allow for collecting and sharing detailed logs in client applications.

  • Favorite PTT view
    Show Favorite PTT screen in T.Rodon.