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Map and tracking

Geolocation and indoor positioning settings.



Turn on Map in the server settings to configure geolocation options.
If you turn off Map in the server settings, access to maps is disabled for all users.

  • Map (disabled by default)
    Allow the user to access a map in T.Flex and T.Rodon.

  • Maximum zoom level (18 by default)
    Set the maximum zoom level for the map, from 1 to 22.

  • Geodata provider
    Choose the geodata provider to be used for map and navigation. The following providers are supported:

  • Share location (disabled by default)
    Send information about the user's location to the server.

  • Location sharing interval (seconds) (default is every 30 seconds)
    Define an interval (in seconds) for periodically refreshing the user's position on a server. Lower value improves the map accuracy, but slightly increases the network traffic.

  • Map Tools editor (disabled by default)
    Allow the user edit data in T.Rodon Map Tool.

  • Share location upon PTT (disabled by default)
    Always send information about the user's location to the server while the user pushes/holds PTT button in T.Flex.

  • Use local map server (disabled by default)
    Allow for using the local server as a map tiles source.

Indoor positioning


Enable Indoor Localization in the server settings to configure indoor positioning options.
If you turn off Indoor Localization in the server settings, indoor positioning is disabled for all users.

  • Indoor localization
    Allow indoor positioning for the user.

  • Share indoor position
    Send information about the user's indoor position to the server.

  • Use GPS for indoor
    Try calculating user's indoor position based on GPS data when the user's device is out of range of beacons / anchor nodes. Only works if GPS provides the acceptable accuracy (see GPS Priority Accuracy Threshold below).

  • Indoor localization permissions
    This setting works in alternate modes depending on whether internal localization artificial intelligence (AI) is enabled or disabled:

    • Indoor localization AI is active (Resolve position based on fixed beacons server setting is turned off).

      • Select User to ignore the user's activities when training the indoor localization AI.
      • Select Deployer, Maintainer or Supervisor to collect and analyze the user's activities for training indoor localization AI.
    • Indoor localization AI is disabled (Resolve position based on fixed beacons server setting is turned on).
      Determine whether the user can manage, place and maintain beacons. Possible values:

      • User - the user can access beacon data, but cannot manipulate beacons.
      • Deployer - the user can install (activate) beacons at designated locations.
      • Maintainer - the user can install, relocate, manage, and remove beacons.
      • Supervisor - the user can import beacons into a database and plan beacons' placements on the map.
  • 3D indoor map
    Enable 3-dimensional indoor map.

  • GPS priority for indoor
    Allow for using GPS data instead of indoor positioning data when the accuracy is sufficient (see GPS Priority Accuracy Threshold below).

  • GPS priority accuracy threshold
    Set the moment when the positioning is switched from indoor beacons to GPS. Once the estimated horizontal accuracy of GPS location is better (less than) the threshold, the positioning algorithm ignores beacon signals and starts using GPS coordinates.
    Lower values provide more accurate positioning, but may cause the system not switching to GPS if buildings, bridges or terrain are obstructing signals. Higher values may cause the incorrect position detection when GPS data is inaccurate.
    The accuracy is provided in meters. If you draw a circle centered at the location's latitude and longitude, and with a radius equal to the accuracy, then there is a 68% probability that the true location is inside the circle.

  • 3D DeepMap demo mode
    Show the demo map instead of an actual data in 3-dimensional DeepMap mode.

  • Bluetooth beacons type
    Set the type / format of Bluetooth beacons to be used for indoor positioning. Only applicable if Bluetooth beacons are enabled in IL Mode server setting.

    • All / MAC Address (default)
    • iBeacon / UUID
  • Infsoft indoor localization
    Use indoor positioning provided by infsoft GmbH instead of the native TASSTA solution. Requires Infsoft indoor localization key to be specified in server setting.

    Note: Activating infsoft indoor positioning automatically switches the user to Mapbox geodata provider.

Location privacy

  • Location privacy Show or hide the user's location from other users. This setting applies to both GPS and indoor positioning.
    • Enable. Only show the user's location during emergency calls. Otherwise, the user is not displayed on the map.
    • Disable. Always show the user's location.

If you enable Share location and / or Share indoor position, the user's location is always sent to the server, regardless of the privacy setting. This setting only determines whether to display the user on the map.


TASSTA SDK always receives location data for all users, regardless of their privacy settings. Data privacy should me maintained by the custom application logic.