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Individual calls

Individual call settings.

  • Show users
    Allow the user to access a list of users in T.Flex.

  • Individual calls (disabled by default)
    Allow the user to make one-to-one calls to other users.
    Note: Turn on Individual calls in the server settings to configure this option.
    If you turn off Individual calls in the server settings, the users cannot make one-to-one calls.

    • Direct individual calls (disabled by default)
      Allow the user to make direct calls to other users. Direct calls are connected automatically, without confirmation from the person on the other end.
      Note: This option is only available if individual calls are enabled for the user.
  • Inactivity timeout (seconds) (disabled by default)
    Set the inactivity timeout (in seconds) for individual calls. If no communication is detected within this time period, the individual call is automatically ended.
    Note: Use 0 to turn off the inactivity timeout and keep the call active until the user manually ends it.

  • Direct call with PTT button
    Allow the user to initiate direct calls by pressing PTT button.