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Data calls and messaging

Various settings related to messaging.

  • Task Manager (disabled by default)
    Enable Task Manager functionality for the user.
    Note: Turn on Task Manager in the server settings to configure this option. Make sure you have also adjusted the related options in the server settings.
    If you turn off Task Manager in the server settings, the Task Manager is disabled for all users.

  • Messaging
    Allow the user to send and receive messages.

  • Share device info
    Allow the user to share device status information: signal level, remaining charge and so on.

  • Email settings for MCGW
    Configure user-specific communication bridging via email messages.

    • Receive settings

      • Email address
        Provide email address for incoming messages.
    • Send settings

      • Address
        Provide outgoing email address.
      • Username
        Provide mail server login.
      • Password
        Provide mail server password.
      • SMTP server
        Provide SMTP server name or IP address.
      • SMTP port
        Provide SMTP server port number.
  • Prefer user's email settings
    Override the server's communication bridging configuration with the user's settings defined in MCGW Configuration.

  • SMS number
    Provide the user's phone number for receiving SMS messages.

  • Continuous message alarm
    Turn on continuous notification tone for incoming messages.

  • Message history capacity
    Define the maximum number of message history entries shown to the user, from 1 to 100,000.The actual number of records kept on the server may exceed this value.

  • Message history retention
    Specify how far back in time (floating window) the message history is shown to the user. Older messages are kept on the server, but not shown.
    This setting can be configured with 30 minutes accuracy. The maximum value cannot exceed 90 days.

  • Missed call notification
    Set the duration of a missed call notification.