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Common calls

Generic call settings.

  • Mute button
    Allow the user to temporary mute communications in T.Flex and T.Rodon.

  • Disable PTT
    Completely disable push-to-talk (PTT) functionality in T.Flex.

    • Enable: Turn off PTT. Hardware PTT buttons are also disabled.
    • Disable: PTT is allowed (default).
  • End-to-end encryption (disabled by default)
    Allow the user to activate end-to-end encryption.
    Note: Turn on End-to-end encryption in the server settings to configure this option. Make sure you have also provided the total number of clients allowed to use end-to-end encryption in Maximum end-to-end encryption clients.
    If you turn off End-to-end encryption in the server settings, the encryption is disabled for all users.

  • Priority (default is 0)
    Set the user's relative priority (any number from 0 to 9,999). Use higher or lower numbers to increase or decrease the priority level correspondingly.
    Note: Turn on Priority in the server settings to configure this option.
    If you turn off Priority in the server settings, the users' priorities are ignored.

    The setting affects:

    • User's priority in PTT calls.
    • A user with higher priority can get through group calls with important information.
    • A user with higher priority can interrupt individual calls of users with lower priority.
    • A user with higher priority cannot be muted by users with lower priority.
  • Broadcast calls
    Allow the user to make broadcast calls.

  • Listen to multiple channels simultaneously from Rodon
    Allow the user to hear several channels at once in T.Rodon.

  • Channel name on PTT button
    Show the last channel name on PTT button.

  • On-screen PTT button toggle
    Switch the activation mode of PTT in T.Flex. This option only affects on-screen PTT button, hardware PTT buttons will work as usual.

    • Enable: Press on-screen PTT button once to start transmitting and then once again to stop transmission.
    • Disable: Press and hold on-screen PTT button as you speak. When you release the button, transmission stops.
  • Disable on-screen PTT button

    • Enable: Disable on-screen PTT button in T.Flex. Hardware PTT buttons will work as usual.
    • Disable: On-screen PTT button is operational (default).
  • Full-duplex calls
    Allow the user to make full-duplex calls in T.Flex for Android.

  • Do not auto-close channels with members
    Prevent automatic closing of push-to-video and full-duplex call channels, even if the user is the last participant on the call, regardless of whether it was a call originator or a receiving party.
    This setting is required for simultaneous monitoring of multiple PTV calls from T.Rodon. It prevents automatic termination of PTV calls when the dispatcher switches to another call.