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A collection of settings to control the behaviour of a media encoding.


The default settings provide good results for the most use cases. Contact TASSTA support if you encounter problems with media encoding.

  • Variable bitrate
    Switch between variable bitrate (enabled) and constant bitrate (disabled). Default value: variable bitrate.
  • Forward error correction
    Turn on forward error correction. Default value: forward error correction is enabled.
  • Bitrate (bit/s)
    Set the bitrate for encoded media stream, from 6,000 bps to 510,000 bps. A higher bitrate improves the media quality at the cost of increasing network traffic. Default value: 10000 bps.
  • Packet loss (percent)
    Define acceptable percentage of packet loss. Default value: 20%.
  • Complexity
    Set media encoding complexity. Varies from 0 (low quality, least CPU utilization) to 10 (best quality, highest CPU utilization). Default value: auto (-1).