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User authentication

User identity management.

  • Alias
    Provide the user's display name.
  • Lock user to device
    Prevent the user from signing in with the other device by binding it to the device ID (such as IMEI).
  • Device ID
    Provide the device ID (such as IMEI) for locking the user to the certain device.
  • Logout with password
    Request the user to provide logout password for signing out from T.Flex.
  • Logout password
    Provide the password for signing out from T.Flex when logout lock is active.
  • Use external user's ID
    Substitute the user's ID with the external user's ID for custom clients based on TASSTA SDK.
  • External user's ID
    Provide the external user's ID for Use External User Id option. You can use any number of any characters except for the white space.