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Access teams

The rules are applied to access teams - groups of users. A user can be included in several teams.

When a server is created, admin access team is automatically added to it. This team is is reserved for system purposes. It cannot be edited or deleted.

T.Commander also offers a number of virtual access teams, dynamically changed based on the server configuration:

  • All users - all users created on a server.
  • All who is authenticated - all users signed in to T.Flex/T.Rodon.
  • All who is in this channel - all users in a channel, for which the rule is applied.
  • All who is out of this channel - all users who are not in a channel, for which the rule is applied.
  • No one - empty team for creating exclusions.

To show and manage access teams, expand a server in navigation pane and click Access teams. To select a team, click it.


Adding or updating access teams require restarting a server.