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Editing a field

To edit a custom field:

  1. Expand the server in the left pane and click Task Manager Fields.

  2. Select a field from the list.

  3. Click Edit icon in the toolbar. A sidebar with field settings opens.

  4. Change the field name in Name field.

  5. Update a default value for the field under Default value. The value depends on the field format.

  6. Change allowed values for the field under Values. This option is only available for text fields.

    • Click Add value to append a value.
    • To edit a value, select it, click Edit value and provide a new value.
    • To remove a value, select it and click Delete value.
  7. Specify whether the field is accessible in the Task Manager with Visible switch.

  8. To allow T.Flex operator updating the field's value in tasks, turn on Editable (Flex) switch. If this option is disabled, the field value can only be changed by T.Rodon dispatcher.

  9. Click Save.


Field format cannot be changed.