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Changing a status message

To update a status message:

  1. Expand the server in the left pane and click Status messages.

  2. Select a status message from the list.

  3. Click Edit icon in the toolbar. A sidebar with status message properties opens.

  4. Modify the message text in Message field. This text will be shown in chat when the status message is sent or received.

  5. Modify the message description for informational purposes in Comment field.

  6. Pick another highlighting color for the message.

  7. Specify the type of the communication client that can send the message in Available to:

    • No one - the message cannot be sent.
    • Everyone - the message can be sent from any client and TASSTA SDK.
    • Clients only - the message can be sent from T.Flex only.
    • Dispatchers only - the message can be sent from T.Rodon and TASSTA SDK only.

If the message availability is changed to the value that prevents sending it from the current client, all previously sent messages remain in chat history and the related channel status is displayed in T.Rodon.

  1. Modify a unique numeric code for quick-sending the message with #<code> shorthand (from 0 to 2,147,483,647).
  2. Modify a short title of the message which is shown in communication clients.
  3. Click Save button.