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Sorting and filtering

To ensure the interface responsiveness and performance, the list of items (servers, users, channels and so on) only shows a limited number of objects at a time. To quickly navigate to the required item, use sorting and filtering.


  • Click the column title to sort the list by that column.
  • Click the column title again to toggle the sorting order (ascending or descending).

Smart filtering

  1. Click Filter icon in the toolbar.
  2. Type in a property of the object (ID, any part of the name, and the like).
  3. Press Enter.

The list will only show relevant objects.

To reset the filter and show all objects, click Clear filter icon in the filter field.

Filter by column

To filter by a certain column:

  1. Hover the column and click Arrow down icon at the right.

  2. Select Filters option and provide the filtering criteria. The filter depends on the column type:

    • For numeric columns (ID, port, and the like), you can specify less than (Less), greater than (Greater), or equal to (Equal) criteria.
    • For text columns (name, alias, and the like), you can specify any part of the column value.
  3. Press Enter.

To reset a filter by column:

  1. Hover the column and click Arrow down icon at the right.
  2. Clear Filters option.

The sorting and filtering settings are not saved. When you switch to another list and back again, the sort order is reset to default and all filters are cleared.