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Adding multiple servers

To add several servers to the selected node:

  1. Click Servers in the left pane.

  2. Click Create multiple icon in the toolbar. A sidebar with server settings opens.

  3. Specify the number of servers you want to create in Amount field.

  4. Specify the starting index to be used for auto-generated server names in Start from field. This number is incremented by 1 for each created server.

  5. Specify the optional server name mask under Server name.

    • Prefix string is prepended to the auto-generated index based on Start from field.
    • Postfix string is appended to the auto-generated index based on Start from field.
  6. Click Miscellaneous and configure common server properties. You can customize them later for each created server.

  7. Click Save.

  8. To enable call recording for servers, click Yes in the popup.
    If you click Cancel, the servers are created without activity recording. You can turn it on later.


Unique ID and port number are assigned automatically to each server.