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Managing roles and statuses

Roles are server-specific. To manage roles and statuses:

  1. Expand the server in the left pane and click User statuses. Edit roles and statuses popup is opened.

  2. Click + to add a new role.

  3. Click the default role name ("Role") and provide a unique name for the role.
    Important: Roles with duplicate names are removed on save.

  4. Click the line with the role name (outside of the name field) to select a role.

  5. Click + under Statuses for the selected role to add a status:

    • Click the default status text ("Status") and provide a unique status message.
    • Pick the status color.
  6. To remove a role or a status, select it and click - on top of the corresponding section.

  7. Click Save button to save roles and statuses.