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Adding a node


Before adding a node, it is strongly recommended to clarify its properties with TASSTA service team.
Setting incorrect values might cause errors in T.Commander and client applications.

To add a node:

  1. Click Settings in the left pane, expand Tools, and click Nodes.

  2. Click Create new icon in the toolbar. A sidebar with node settings opens.

  3. Provide node properties:

    • Name - node name.
    • Title - node alias.
    • Node address - Address of the node. This value is used for generating QR codes for client access.
    • Number of servers - the maximum number of servers on the node.
    • Recorder API URL - URL of the Recorder server, including the protocol and the port.
    • Recorder API key - access key for authorizing requests to the Recorder server.
    • Service API URL - T.Lion proxy URL, including the protocol and the port.
    • Service key - access key for authorizing service requests.
    • Record geolocation - turn on location history recording, if necessary.
  4. Click Save.