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Sensor check

Configure the periodic device check-ups. If the required checks are not passed, lone worker protection for the user is disabled and the alert is raised.

  • GSM call sensor check
    Check the ability to perform GSM calls.
  • GPS sensor check
    Check location services availability for the device.
  • Last sensor check (read-only)
    The date and time when the last check-up was performed.
  • Wi-Fi connection sensor check
    Check Wi-Fi connectivity for the device.
  • Bluetooth connection sensor check
    Check Bluetooth connectivity for the device.
  • Sensor check validator period
    Set the interval to notify the user about periodic sensor checks.
    Note: To specify how long lone worker protection remains active after the sensor check is passed, use Sensor check validity period server setting.
  • Vehicle mode
    Automatically activate lone worker protection on a device without passing periodic check-ups. This might be useful for stationary devices, such as in-vehicle panel computers or mobile devices without required sensors.