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Miscellaneous channel settings.

  • Channel maximum users quantity
    Highlight the channel in T.Rodon if the maximum number of channel members exceeds the provided value.
  • Conference (disabled by default)
    Enable channel members to participate in conference calls. Conference participants can simultaneously press PTT button and speak rather than waiting until the current speaker releases the button.
    Note: Turn on Transparent PTT in the server settings to configure this option.
  • Inherit access control
    Inherit the rules defined for the Main channel. See Rules inheritance for more information.
    Note: This option is not available for the Main channel.
  • Select channel to use PTT
    Automatically disable PTT button in a certain period of time after selecting a channel. The timeframe is defined in Channel selection timeout.
  • Channel selection timeout (seconds)
    Set the timeout (in seconds) after which PTT button is automatically disabled in a channel. Only works if Select channel to use PTT is turned on.
    Note: If PTT button is pushed during this time frame, the timeout is automatically extended for the number of seconds provided in this field.
  • SMS
    Provide the phone number for receiving SMS messages from the channel. The phone should be provided in international format, including + symbol and the country code; for example +4951172752021.
  • Email
    Provide the email address for receiving incoming messages from the channel as emails.