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Installing T.Bridge under Linux

  1. Download and unpack T.Bridge distributive.
    Note: Further steps assume that T.Bridge is extracted to /usr/local/tassta/bridge3/. Adjust the examples below if necessary.
  2. Go to the directory to which T.Bridge is extracted and run a command chmod +x bridge.
  3. Modify the configuration. It is recommended to use a custom configuration file name to ensure it is not overwritten with the default configuration when T.Bridge is updated.
  4. Configure T.Bridge daemon by creating /lib/systemd/system/tassta_teltronicbridge.service file:
   Description=TASSTA TELTRONICBRIDGE daemon
   ; uncomment the next line if T.Bridge is installed on the same host as T.Lion
   ; After=tasstad.service

   ExecStart=/usr/local/tassta/bridge3/bridge3 -cfg=/usr/local/tassta/bridge3/<CONFIGURATION FILE NAME>


Note: Replace <CONFIGURATION FILE NAME> with the actual configuration file name, modified on step 3.

  1. Make T.Bridge start when the server boots:
    systemctl enable tassta_teltronicbridge.service

  2. Start T.Bridge service:
    systemctl start tassta_teltronicbridge.service

  3. Add aliases in /root/.bashrc to conveniently manage T.Bridge:

    • Start a service (start-teltronicbridge): alias start-teltronicbridge='systemctl start tassta_teltronicbridge.service'
    • Stop a service (stop-teltronicbridge): alias stop-teltronicbridge='systemctl stop tassta_teltronicbridge.service'
    • Restart a service (restart-teltronicbridge): alias restart-teltronicbridge='systemctl restart tassta_teltronicbridge.service'
    • Check the service status (status-teltronicbridge): alias status-teltronicbridge='systemctl status tassta_teltronicbridge.service'
    • Show the service log (log-teltronicbridge): alias log-teltronicbridge='journalctl -f -u tassta_teltronicbridge.service'
    • Restart a service and show the log (rl-teltronicbridge): alias rl-teltronicbridge=systemctl restart tassta_teltronicbridge.service'|'journalctl -f -u tassta_teltronicbridge.service'

To check T.Bridge service status, run a command: echo -n "teltronicbridge status: ";systemctl status tassta_teltronicbridge.service |grep Active;.