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T.Bridge is the middleware solution for integrating TASSTA communication network with third-party professional mobile radio (PMR). This document describes the deployment and configuration of T.Bridge service for Teltronic / PowerTrunk, a leading TETRA network provider.

T.Bridge to Teltronic is directly integrating and connecting to the MCIP Interface for the most reliable and complete TETRA LTE/4G integration:

  • KeepAlive Status
    We check the state of the MCIP session established between TASSTA servers and the TETRA system.
  • Group calls
    TETRA talkgroups are visible to TASSTA users, allowing transparent group calls to be made over the MCIP interface.
  • Private and individual calls
    Any user can make a private or individual call from the TETRA system to the TASSTA server and vice versa.
  • Messaging
    Text messages and status messages can be transparently exchanged between TETRA users and TASSTA users.