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Applying audio I/O license

Sepura Audio Line In & Line Out license is a code that unlocks audio routing through Sepura Audio Accessory adapter, enabling voice transmission between Sepura radio and TASSTA network. It is bound to radio TEI and a serial number.

To apply a license code:

  1. Start Sepura Radio Manager.
  2. Open Subscriber and Terminal Management.
  3. Select the appropriate Sepura radio under Terminals.
  4. Type in the license code into Feature License Code field on Properties tab.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Once the license validation is complete, Programming Batch Wizard will ask you to approve the configuration changes.
    Select Update the License Code option and click Finish.
  7. Check the audio accessory settings under Product -> Product Specific -> Hardware/Accessories -> Audio presentation and adjust them if necessary:
Setting Value
Loudspeaker Gain Relative to Earpiece 0dB
Audio Presentation Flags n/a
Duplex Accessory Public State Soft Key Persistence Duplex Accessory Public State Toggle
Line Out Source Both Off
Line Out Operation Continuous
Alert Attenuation Relative to Speech -15dB
Volume Control Mode Legacy Control
Gain Setting for Line In Audio 27dB
Line In Audio Device Features n/a
Transmitter Voice Compression Off