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Setting up TASSTA network

To set up bridging, you should already have T.Lion and T.Commander deployed and configured.

The bridged network is integrated with a server on T.Lion node. It is strongly recommended to bridge only one external PMR network per server.

Preparing a server for bridging

  1. Open T.Commander.

  2. Create a new server or choose the existing one. Remember the server's port number.

  3. Allow T.Bridge connections to the server:

  4. Open Miscellaneous server settings.

  5. Turn on Bridge switch.

  6. Set the maximum number of concurrent T.Bridge users allowed on a server. Check your license for maximum allowed values.
    Refer to the corresponding vendor-specific section to find out the license type applicable to that vendor.

  7. Restart the server, if necessary.

  8. Create a user that will be used by T.Bridge to authenticate to the server. You can leave default values for all user's settings, except for the login and password.