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Connecting MOTOTRBO radio

PMKN4010B programming cable connects the computer running T.Bridge with the MOTOTRBO mobile two-way radio via Extended Control & Management Service (XCMP) interface.

MOTOTRBO to T.Bridge connection

The cable has a standard USB Type A plug for connecting to the computer and 26-pin plug for connecting to a mobile accessory port (MAP) on the supported radio.

Motorola PMKN4010B Mobile and Repeater Programming Cable

Pin Purpose Description
1 D+(USB) USB data input/output line
2 D- (USB) USB data input/output line
3 Vbus (USB) A nominal 5V / 500 mA supply
4 GND Ground return for USB

Audio transmission

The standard USB connector can only transfer data (such as users, channels, text messages and location). For voice transmission between the radio and TASSTA network, connect the radio to audio input and output on T.Bridge host.

It can be done by attaching 3.5mm plugs to PMKN4010B connector using a standard unbalanced audio cable.

Pin Purpose Description
11 TX Audio Analog audio input
12 TX GND Ground return for TX Audio
14 RX Audio Analog audio output
18 RX GND Ground return for for RX Audio

Use PMLN5072A MOTOTRBO Rear Mobile Connector to securely attach additional cables to the the PMKN4010B connector.

PMLN5072A MOTOTRBO Rear Mobile Connector

  • The audio output from the radio must be connected to the audio input (recording device) on T.Bridge host.
  • The audio input from the radio must be connected to the audio output (playback device) on T.Bridge host.