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Connecting Kenwood repeater

T.Bridge is connected to a Kenwood repeater over IP network. Voice data from the repeater and to the repeater is encoded and decoded using a USB Vocoder device plugged into the computer where the T.Bridge is installed.

Kenwood to T.Bridge connection

Configuring Vocoder port

Once Vocoder USB device is installed, the virtual COM port is added to Windows devices. You must configure the port parameters for T.Bridge to communicate correctly with the Vocoder module:

  1. Open Device Manager from Windows Control Panel.
  2. Expand Ports (COM and LPT).
  3. Double-click the communication port for the Vocoder USB device.
  4. Switch to Port Settings.
  5. Click Advanced… button.
  6. Set Latency Timer (msec) under BM Options to 4.