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T.Bridge configuration

Modify provider-specific data in T.Bridge configuration file and in TetraFlex API configuration (see below).

Configuring T.Bridge

"ProviderDriver": "tetra_flex",
"ProviderConfig": {
    "root_channel_name": "TetraFlex",
    "StatusTable": {
        "32770": "Shipment Delivered!",
        "32768": "Job Done!"
    "GroupNames": {},
    "AllowedGroups": [900,902,903],
    "CallPriority": 10
Parameter Required Description
ProviderDriver Yes Must be tetra_flex.
root_channel_name No The base channel name for the bridged TETRA system. This channel will appear in TASSTA network when T.Bridge is running. All channels from the bridged network will be presented as sub-channels.
If omitted, the base channel will be named "TetraFlex".
StatusTable No The mapping of common status messages for the TETRA system and TASSTA network. See Configuring common status messages for details.
GroupNames No The mapping of bridged channels' SSI to verbose names. Values are provided in the form of "<CHANNEL SSI>": "<ALIAS>".
Tip: You can use channel aliases instead.
AllowedGroups No An optional filter for bridged channels in form of a string array. If provided, only the channels with ID's specified in the value of this parameter are available in TASSTA network.
If omitted, all channels will be bridged.
CallPriority No Priority of calls from TASSTA clients in the bridged TETRA system. The default priority is 10.

Configuring common status messages

StatusTable section maps common status messages for the bridged TETRA system and TASSTA network. The values are provided in the form of "<STATUS MESSAGE ID>": "<MESSAGE TEXT>".

Refer to the radio documentation for information on finding message ID's in the TETRA system.

Configuring TetraFlex API

Open Config.txt file from T.Bridge folder (usually %ProgramFiles%\TASSTA\Bridge) in Notepad or other plain-text editor.

;***     TetraFlex API DLL Configuration     ***
; DLL Version:  7.76 2015-12-14
; Date/time..:  2016-12-02 12:17:07

;***** 71 Common *****

;***** 72 Gateways *****
Parameter Description
71/USERNO/*** Subscriber ID for the bridged radio on DAMM TETRA station. See Subscribing to Application Gateway for details.
71/OMPORT/*** OM listening port number, default 42382.
72/*/***.***.***.***/*** Gateway configuration in the form of 72/<Sequence number>/<IP Address>/<Description>.
  • Sequence number - TetraFlex API gateway sequence number, 0 to 9.
  • IP Address - TetraFlex API gateway IP address.
    Important: Specify 3 numbers for each octet! If the number is less than 100, add leading zeros. For example:
  • Description - Optional description for TetraFlex API gateway entry. If not needed, remove the leading slash.

Note: Provide - instead of the IP address for unused gateway entries.