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Integrating T.Bridge as a user

Bridged network can be integrated with TASSTA network as a single user. It allows you to communicate with the bridged network using either one-to-one calls to that user or group calls with the channel the user is joined to.
Both the user and the channel must be created prior to configuring the connection.

Open T.Bridge configuration file in a text editor and provide connection parameters for TASSTA network in ConsumerConfig section:

"ConsumerDriver": "user",
"ConsumerConfig": {
    "server": "example.tassta.com:65001",
    "user": "bridge",
    "pass": "T-Bridge123",
    "channel": "Unity",
    "hash_creds": true,
    "version_brand": "TASSTA"
Parameter Required Description
ConsumerDriver Yes To integrate with TASSTA server as a user, the value must be user.
server Yes IP address / domain name of T.Lion node and a server port. Use address:port format.
user Yes Login of the user who will impersonate the bridged network. The user must be created on the server.
pass Yes Password of the user.
channel No The name of the channel to which the user will be automatically joined. If the channel is missing on the server, the user will be joined to Main channel.
hash_creds Yes Set to true when connecting to T.Lion 5.5 and above; false for T.Lion 5.4.
version_brand Yes Do not change the current value. If in doubt, use TASSTA.