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Connecting the mobile radio

In order to bridge the mobile radio to TASSTA network, connect it to the audio interface of the computer running T.Bridge. You can either use standard audio cables with 3.5mm plugs or a proprietary audio adapter from the radio manufacturer, depending on the radio model.

Mobile radio to T.Bridge connection

  • The audio output from the radio must be connected to the audio input (recording device) on T.Bridge computer.
  • The audio input on the radio must be connected to the audio output (playback device) on T.Bridge computer.

The connected radio must be registered in the external PMR network and joined to the channel that you want to bridge.

Voice transmission

T.Bridge uses voice activity detection (VAD) to identify if someone is speaking over the bridged channel of the connected radio. If the sound is detected, T.Bridge activates PTT for the corresponding user on TASSTA network, as if PTT button is pressed, and transmits the audio.

The sound from TASSTA users is transmitted to the connected radio via the audio cable when they press PTT button in their clients (T.Flex / T.Rodon / T.Mugen).

The connected radio must either support voice operated switch (VOX) or be controlled through a relay to activate voice transmission (PTT) on its side.